Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Swimming!!!
It has begun and the girls couldn't be happier....they love swim lessons! And we love that they get to go one on one with a swim teacher. It had rained all day and the girls were concerned that the class would be cancelled but it warmed up and the sun came out and it turned out to be a great night for lessons. The girls' friend has lessons the same time so they are happy to be spending time with her, too. They did a great job swimming and we were able to get icecream afterwards with our friends....all in all, it was a great evening! Looking forward to a great summer of swim lessons.
The Three Amigos before lessons

Elliana likes Audrey, her teacher!

Jessalyn loves having Jessie again this year!

She is really good at keeping her body straight! =)

She's getting better at going under.....

She likes to get the rings off the bottom with her feet!

The Doublemint Twins!

She loves, loves, loves jumping off the side!!!

Not brave enough for the slippery slide...

Jess went down about five times in the time it took Elli to go down once.

She finally did it and loved it!