Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wild West Fall Fest '09

We had so much fun at Wild West Fall Fest this year! The girls were old enough to kinda run around on their own and they enjoyed the games and activities more this year. They even tried the flashlight maze this year (a huge maze of cardboard that is totally dark so they take flashlights in with them!). We had some neighbors join us again and that made it even more fun for the girls. Owen had a great time running around and visiting some of the games and people running the activities. It was great letting him get in on the action! We always love going to Fall Fest because it is so much fun for the kids and they are surrounded by workers who know them and love the Lord and are commited to serving each year at this event. It is so neat for us as parents to see the children's workers and volunteers from church joining in on the fun. It is always a great night spending time with our church family! So here are some of the pictures from our night!

I think Owen found a friend!

The preschool games are still so much fun!

Elli was seriously determined to get Goliath!

Owen visited this game several times through out the night....probably because his favorite nursery worker, Marceia, was running the game!

He really liked visiting the fish on this game, too!

A rare shot of all three kids in one place together!

The girls had fun running around together with their friend!

Waiting in line for the maze with neighbor friends...

(I just had to!)

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crochet lady said...

Awe... they are all so cute! That's great that your church hosts an event like that.