Monday, March 15, 2010

Pictures from Owen's Birthday Party

Little Miss Rock Star in the background! We had a lot of fun with this party!!!

This boy looooved his cake and "keem" (ice cream). I felt bad for his little belly afterwards!

He absolutely loves playing with cars and ramps so Bubbi and Pop helped us get this awesome garage for his birthday. All the kids like it!!

squinty smiles all night long!

Stickers, stickers and more stickers!!

He got good at opening presents and he nailed blowing out the candles this year! He was ready and was blowing as we were singing happy bithday!

I think he was a little tired by the end of it all!

Elliana (6yrs at Owen's 2nd)

Jessalyn (5 yrs at Owen's 2nd)

the proud parents!


crochet lady said...

Fun pics! Happy Birthday Owen!

Jodiferkay said...

Ummm...yeah...I noticed you forgot to add the subtitle for how old Owen's parents were as of his 2nd birthay?! ha, ha. :) LOVE the pics of all of you, especially the birthday boy! I just told Nate that I so wished we could see you all and I can't believe how FAST the kiddos are growing! Owen is looking more and more like a little man (vs. baby)...crazy how time flies! Miss you all tons!

The Smith's said...

I love the update and all the pics! Anna wore the same shirt as Jess on Audrey's bday. :) Your hair has gotten so long and Q's growing a beard? Wow! M's ready to shave the goa-tee, guess he wants to look like he's 10 again. =) Love and miss you all tons - thanks for updating the blog!