Monday, January 3, 2011

Mall of America

It's true....we made it as a family to the Mall of America!!! Quentin has gotten out of going in the past so it was lots of fun having him and Owen with us...and it was fun! I took the girls to the American Girl Doll Store while Quent and Owen went to Verizon and then got tickets for Nick U. It was fun to shop with the girls and then we met up with Quentin and he got wrist bands for 3 hours of kiddie rides because it was Toddler Tuesday! What fun! We did have to wait in lines for a while but it was loads of fun for the kids and it was great watching them have a good time. The lines were all long to sit down and eat lunch so we just stopped at Cold Stone Creamery and got icecream for lunch...the kids were thrilled and it was easy to load them up in the van to head back to Grandpa and Grandma's. It was a great morning and we all had fun!!!

We started out on the little blue train for Owen....he was excited to be on his first ride!

Waiting in the lines was ok but Quent got tired!
They liked it after the wait!

The honking of the horns made Quentin decide to not ride with the kids even though Owen really wanted his daddy to share this ride!

They were all so excited to do the Swings! I took a long video and their eyes all got big as it took them up in the was cute!

Elli said she tried to keep her feet together during the ride so her shoes wouldn't slip off =)
Elli loved these crystals as part of the mall decorations...she would love to have some in her room!

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