Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011 Blizzard!!!

My first blizzard! It was windy and cold and snowy....just like a blizzard should be, I guess. We didn't get as much snow as they were thinking but it sure did blow everywhere and drift and pile up! Quentin spent about three hours snowblowing our driveway and four other neighbor's places. There was a lot to move and he was so happy to use his snowblower! But it was really nice for him to be able to stay home and help our neighbors. I took the kids out for a little bit and it was chilly...but it was fun to walk on the sidewalks with 2-3 ft of snow on either side. Kinda like the parting of the sea =)...just frozen! So anyway, here are some pictures of the drifts and sights around our house this morning!

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