Thursday, July 15, 2010

Splashing out in the yard

Hot summer days are meant to be spent in the cold water! We have had fun using the water toys outside when it gets really hot out...and we have had lots of hot summer days so far! Here are some fun insights into the goings on around our house!
getting ready to run out of the cold water stream

enjoying the cool water

Don't know how I got this picture......

Such energy and excitement!

This just makes me laugh....they were running around so happy and wild!

Love getting them off the ground running

They have loved these squirt shooters!

They had fun splashing each other

You should have heard the laughing and giggles!

I love this concentration face!

Loading up for more water out neighbors!!!

Love his mooshy, sleepy after-nap-time mellowness!

My soon to be Kindergartener!
Can't believe this girl is going to be in first grade at the end of the summer!

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