Thursday, July 15, 2010

Almost a tooth-less wonder!

She lost her front tooth last night! The other one is close behind...probably within the week. It is always funny when we hear the exclamation from one of the girls....Quentin and I look at each other with the silent but all knowing question, "do you have any dollar bills?!" We need to have a tooth fairy cash jar with as many teeth these two are loosing. The best part is reading the notes and finding the gifts that they leave for the Tooth Fairy. Last night, when I was exchanging the tooth for money (very silently so as not to wake up the sleeping beauties) I looked over at Jess' pillow and saw that she had very hopefully placed her wallet on the pillow, just in case the Tooth Fairy was feeling extra generous!
Poor girl... sun-burnt, scraggly long bangs and missing her front tooth!

Jess told Owen to open his mouth last night so she could see if any of his adult teeth were coming in! And then she tested to see if any of his were loose! These kiddos keep us on our toes!


crochet lady said...

Too cute!

Jodiferkay said...

ilLoving the new pics and posts!