Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Big Carving Event....

Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins!!!!!
We had fun this year, not that we don't every year, but this year seemed more relaxed and easy going for carving....I'm thinking that it is because we are almost out of the "watch out for that knife"..."no, don't eat the stringy stuff"...."don't shake the pumpkin seeds all over the floor" stage. Thank goodness! The girls had fun cleaning and drawing out their design and helping out so much that it was just easy! We were able to be more creative and enjoy the process more than just getting it done before bedtime =) So here are the results from our time tonight!

Waiting for the final pre-carving photo to be taken so they could begin....

Owen really did not want anything to do with the icky stuff so Elli was a big helper!

This girl just digs right in

The look is one of pure disgust!!

Getting the stringy stuff out was not too easy

Our finished products!!!

Hope you all have enjoyed the pictures and we would love to see your carved pumpkins, too! Love and miss you....wish we could live closer to come and trick or treat at your house this year!!

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The Smith's said...

Audrey thinks the same as Owen about all the goop. Check out our carving picks... she was totally disgusted with it all. :) Wish we could trick or treat at your house too....