Sunday, October 17, 2010

We had such a great day today! I am starting to enjoy the Fall weather and accept that summer is no longer here =). (I'm a little stubborn that way!) After dressing up and visiting a "PumpkinPatch" that our real estate agent invited us to, we got to enjoy an evening out in the country with a hayrack ride and weiner roast. It was fun to get a preview of what the kids will look like for our Fall Festival at church. And it is always good to know what I need to do in advance to get them ready for the big event! We really enjoyed our evening together...some friends from church invited us out along with other church friends so it was a great time of fellowship and fun. There were so many neat things to enjoy seeing on our hay ride and it was great to roast weiners and have smores, too. The kids had fun and so did all the adults. It was neat seeing part of Illinois that we had not been to before!

These are the pictures out in Sherrard, IL with friends from church!

Owen is really pale because he is on steroids, antibiotics, and inhalers.....lots of fun again!
Our driver attended 1st grade in this old building back in the day!

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The Smith's said...

Looks like tons of fun! You got some great pictures! The scenery makes us drool... looks just like home. Michael especially loved the picture of the old barn. Miss ya!