Monday, January 31, 2011

Jessalyn's Tangled Birthday

She is now 6 years old! Just amazing how she has grown and blessed our lives! We had so much fun with her on Friday and then at the party on Saturday. Lots of fun and activities!!!

She wanted the Tangled theme for her party so we went all out! I found some great activities on the website and printed out some crafts and color sheets and characters and we had a great time. It was fun to see her so thrilled with the outcome...she especially likes listening and dancing to the songs we downloaded and used for musical chairs!

She wanted hotdogs, grapes, Cheetos Puffs and juice for her menu. I added a big sub sandwich and some other veggies and it turned out great....wouldn't you know, she didn't even touch her hotdog!
We made lanterns! They weren't the floating kind like in the movie, but they sure were pretty!

We played pin Pascal on Flynn's shoulder!

We braided hair with ribbons and flowers, just like in the movie, and the girls had so much fun! Thankfully I had two moms there to help!!

I just love seeing their reactions to getting sung to on their birthday. I didn't quite capture it on the photo but it was great!

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crochet lady said...

Fun, fun stuff!! Happy Birthday Jess:)